Sunday, April 29, 2012

Powerful Effects Model

This week I wanted to elaborate on the powerful effects model which states that “receivers are relatively passive; they accept media messages at face value and unconsciously allow media sources to tell them what to think (Trenholm, 287).” Furthermore, I can understand this model to a certain extent. Sometimes people may accept and / or internalize certain messages without necessarily questioning the source and / or the validity of the ideologies presented/ viewed. For instance, several rap songs or MTV shows and / or music videos generate negative views and stereotypes for women. Moreover, in music videos women are objectified and used as commodities for men’s sexual desires/ pleasures. They are portrayed wearing skimpy outfits and as hypersexualized beings.  In accordance to the cultivation theory I think that heavy viewers /consumers of these destructive ideologies carry on the messages absorbed into the “real” world. Hence, why some people are okay with referring to women in offensive slurs such as “bitch” and “ho.” Moreover, I think we should become critical consumers in what we absorb from the media in order to combat negative ideologies in hopes of fostering a more harmonious society.

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